Specialized consulting services that focus on developing skill and managing strategy for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry

The team at Three-D Consulting has extensive senior management and hands-on experience gained working within the Banking and Financial Services Industry in various disciplines such as customer service functions, operations, management, marketing and back office operations among others. The extensive technical knowledge that we have developed in real world situations enables us to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.

Retail and Corporate Banking Strategy


A well thought out strategic plan is the foundation of a successful business venture. A good plan must clearly spell out and quantify what each part of the Bank must deliver, for the overall goal to be achieved. The strategic plan document must consider the current environment and competencies and draw up a road map for all business units and support functions.


At Three-D Consulting we work with clients to build robust and resilience business strategy. Our team of experienced bankers works through all elements of strategy in a practicable manner. We also use our in-depth market experience to help clients distinguish themselves from the competition.

Process Design and Re-engineering


One of the most important ways for a company to build credibility with its customers and employees is to institute and manage processes that are efficient and reliable. When key processes run smoothly, the organization can turn its attention to innovation and creativity in the way it addresses the customer’s needs.


The team at Three-D Consulting has formulated and re-designed processes for a host of clients across industries. We continue to help clients reduce turnaround time and increase customer satisfaction on key process.


Our Business Excellence experts are trained in cutting-edge business process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, TQM, ISO 9000, Lean etc.

Strategic Cost Optimization


The Global business environment in recent years has undergone a significant shift.


Low oil prices have resulted in a severe liquidity crunch in the region and a consequent slow-down in growth and investment. This has a direct bearing on the growth and profitability of the banking industry.


With top line growth being limited, companies need to re-evaluate their business model, resource utilization and efficiency to maintain and grow their profitability.


Three-D Consulting works with clients in the BFSI space to help with strategic efficiency and resource utilization across the board. We are uniquely equipped with expertise across Retail, Corporate and Private Banking to undertake an integrated approach to cost optimization, while maintaining high standards of service and management.

Product and Channel strategy


Three-D Consulting specializes in evaluating and optimizing product and channel strategy in the Banking and Financial Services Industry.


Banking products and services need thorough evaluation and analysis to deliver the desired business results.


Channel strategy is a dynamic and critical element for effective client interface. The team at Three-D Consulting takes a holistic and pragmatic view of products and channels. We help clients evolve an integrated and change resilient strategy in line with the strategic goals. Being bankers ourselves, our solutions are detailed and practicable.

Organization Design and Deployment


A good business strategy can only deliver if the organization is designed for maximum efficiency.


Three-D Consulting has undertaken organization design and deployment exercises for some of the leading banks in the GCC. We take an integrated look at the business and its strategic goals and work backwards to piece together the ideal organization for the purpose. This exercise ensures that all regulatory and support functions are addressed while maintaining a lean and efficient structure that facilitates decision making and communication.

Tactical support for strategy execution


Strategy is only as good as the execution. And this relies on the tactics deployed from time to time in various domains.


With our Domain experience, Three-D Consulting goes beyond the typical consultant’s brief and works closely with the client on tactical implementation of strategy.


We act as partners to the banks we work with and help them navigate the everyday issues that make the difference between a good idea and strong business results.

Copyright 2016, Three-D Consulting DMCC, All rights reserved

Copyright 2016, Three-D Consulting , All rights reserved